Lars Boutrup history

February 1997

August 1996

Supernova Girl duo 1996

After Sing Sing slit up Lars Boutrup played a tour for Supernova in 96/97, an outstanding girl duo, to promote […]

May 1994

Sing Sing 1994

After Simcess split up, Lars Boutrup joined the Slag Twins: Johnny Grauengaard (vocals) and Christian Springer (drums) and formed […]

January 1985

Simcess Off Celeberty 1985

In the mid-eighties he formed a new band Simcess Off Celeberty, with vocalist Thomas Negrijn and guitar player Anders […]

January 1981

Massa 1981

Lars Boutrup played in the Blood Eagle for a couple of years before leaving the band for teaming up with […]

September 1979